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Cutting edge biotech to create global market for fresh seafood

Over the last eight months AQUALIFE have conducted a series of tests using new and more efficient nitrification methods for the AQUALIFE live seafood transportation containers. The tests have been conducted in cooperation with one of the world’s leading biotech companies.  

The results have documented that it in the future will be possible to extend transit times even further for ocean freighted live seafood, this whilst maintaining high standards of animal welfare and thereby securing product quality. The results have been accomplished by expanding on existing patents and using new and more efficient nitrification technologies.

AQUALIFE's technology has been designed to manage water quality during long haul ocean freight by slowing down the development of metabolic toxins and nitrogen oxides, through the use of static filtration, diffusion and temperature control – all achieved by using simple airlift systems during transportation. This solution has proven to be viable when shipping within the time it normally takes to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, whereas until now it has not been regarded as a completely resistant environment.

In the wild, enzymes are secreted by the naturally occurring bacterial populations in waters, where they naturally cleanse the water of metabolic wastes and nitrogen. In a closed environment, as in the AQUALIFE container and when transporting shellfish in higher concentrations, the natural bacterial population is too low to create a completely resistant biological environment.

Through testing it has proven possible to create a perfectly stable environment in AQUA LIFE containers by adding high concentrations of biotech components. Consequently, a resistant biological environment has been created in which various pathogenic tolerance limits are not exceeded.

The new methods of nitrification have proven to be significantly more efficient than known methods of nitrification, and they are capable of creating a stabile biological environment even at high product load. Originally, the AQUALIFE systems have been designed to carry bio media and to host biotechnical solutions. The new nitrifies are therefore introduced into the AQUALIFE system without making any design changes.

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The use of a biotechnological solution strengthens AQUALIFE's technology significantly:

§  Further (global) transportation reach and increased load capacity, creating a sustainable global freight standard.

§  The biotechnical supplement consolidates AQUALIFE´s exclusive position.

§   Creating a stable environment will optimize animal welfare during transportation and improve the product quality.

The new nitrification solution will be introduced towards the end of 2010.